National Cadet Corps (NCC) – ARMY WING

Our Institution is an old and renowned one having celebrated Golden Jubilee in the year 2013. NCC Army wing of our college has been functioning since1962. At that time our NCC unit was under Salem Independent NCC Company.

Being a retired Army Personal our former President of Kandaswami Kandar’s Trust Mr.M.Rathinasabapathi evinced keen interest in NCC and promoted the NCC wing of our College.

Our College is rural based and the students who hail from remote villages are of robust health. Having trained in NCC they have been selected in the Army Recruitment and State Police service. R.Saravanan was awarded Gold medal in Obstacle Course at National level in the year 1993. NCC cadet Mr.M.Ramakrishnan was awarded “All India Best Cadet Trophy” in the Republic Day Camp at New Delhi on 2001. Our College NCC cadets have been participating in Republic Day camps at New Delhi since 1962 regularly.

The strength of our NCC Senior Division (Boys) is 52 and Senior wing (Girls) is 56. The Training is conducted as per the direction of the Commanding Officer 15(TN) Battalion NCC, Erode. Under the able guidance of our Principal Dr.N.Thangaraj who himself was the previous NCC officer of our College the NCC of our College is performing admirably.

Our College NCC unit has organized many social service activities like Blood Donation Camp, Tree Plantation, Anti Tobacco Rally Aids Awareness Programme and so on.

We feel proud of mentioning that under the direction of NCC Battalion Erode we are conducting two NCC summer Camps since 1990.

At present Lt.Dr.A.Sankar and Lt.Dr.T.Vennila are looking after the Boy’s and Girl’s wings of our College respectively.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) - AIRWING

NCC Air Wing 5TN Air Sqn (Tech) NCC, Salem has been established in the year 1992 in our college.

The NCC Air Wing unit was first led by Prof.N.Thangaraj, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany. He rendered his service from 1993 to 2002. Then Our College Senior Professor Flt Lt. Dr.M.Sivakumar, Assistant Professor of Commerce had been serving as an Associate NCC Officer since 31.08.2002.

During this period many Camps and Programmes were conducted meticulously.

List of Camps and Programmes participated by the NCC Officer and the cadets.







Air Attachment Camp at Air Force Academy, Dundigul

Six cadets& NCC Officer

14.06. 2010 to 25.062010

National Integration Camp was held at Mysore (Karnataka State)

10 cadets

20 .10.2011 to 29.10.2011

All India Vayusanic Camp was held at 1(P) Air Sqn NCC Pondicherry

F/C S.Gunaraj and F/C R.Mailsamy

10.12.2011 to 21.12.2011


NIC Camp held at Manathavadi, Wayanadu, Kerala State

NCC Officer

13.09.2012 to 22.09.2012


ALI India Vayusanik Camp at 1(P) Air Sqn NCC, Pondicherr


F/C R.Gokulkumar


01.11.2012 to 12.11.2012

All India Trekking Expedition 2012 Kerala, Trekking at Eranakulam

F/C K.Arunkumar, F/C S.Mahesh kumar, F/C P.Vinoth

15.12.2012 to 26.12.2012

National Integration Camp at Mysore

CWO S.Duraisamy and F/C T.Sivakumar

04.01.2013 to 13.01.2013

South Zone Shooting Capsule – 2013 from at KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode.


F/C K.Arunkumar

02.06.2014 to 15.06.2014

Air Attachment Camp at Tambaram Airforce Station


F/C K.Loganathan

08.12.2014 to 19.12.2014

National Integration Camp held to Harighisha (Siliguri), Darjeeling, West Bengal

CUO J,Mathankumar and F/C T.Balamanikandan

NCC Officer

08.09.2015 to 21.09.2015

All India Vayusanik Camp at Jodhpur. Rajasthan


CUO R.Vignesh

14.09.2015 to 27.09.2015


Air Attachment Camp held at Tambaram Air Force Station

CUO M.Chinnadurai and CWO A.Gowrishankar

15.10.2016 to 26.10.2016

National Integration Camp held to Udaipur, Rajasthan State

CUO M.Chinnadurai and CWO A.Gowrishankar & NCC Officer



Social Activities conducted by the unit:

  • Observation of Rashiriya Sankalp Diwar on 31st October 2010
  •  Adoption of Village – Nalliyampalayam, Velur Post, Namakkal
  •  Rain Water Harvesting Rally
  •  Tree Plantation
  •  Pulse Polio
  •  Cancer Awareness Day
  •  Aids Awareness Day
  • Anti Plastic Rally
  •  Anti Tobacco Rally
  • World Health Day
  •  Blood Donation Camp
  •  International Yoga Day
  •  10 days special camp

At present Dr.M.Sivakumar has been the Care Taker of NCC Air Wing. He has been giving training to 50 cadets effectively.

NCC Annual Report Army Wing 2017 - 2018

  • As usual the enrolment of NCC cadets in the Army wing in both SD and SW was carried out in this Academic year. The strength of our NCC Senior Division (Boys) is 52 and Senior Wing (Girls) is 56. The training was conducted as per the direction of the Commanding Officer 15(TN) Battalion NCC, Erode and under the guidance of our Principal Dr.N.Thangaraj who himself was the previous NCC officer of our College has interest to promote NCC in the College.
  •  The Combined Annual Training Camp was held at Kongu Polytechnic College, Perundurai, Erode from 19.05.2017 to 28.05.2017. In this camp 30-SD and 23-SW cadets participated.
  •  Rain Water Harvesting Rally
  •  Six-SD cadets participated in the Combined Annual Training Camp cum TSC selection camp held at KSR College of Arts and Science, Tiruchengode from 19.05.2017 to 28.05.2017.
  • Five NCC-SW cadets participated in the All India Girls Trekking Camp held at Ooty-Nilgiris 20.05.2017 to 29.05.2017.
  •  Our College NCC cadet .P.Kathirasan(III-B.COM) participated and got silver medal in the South Zone Shooting Capsule held at Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode on 02.06.2017 to 11.06.2017.
  • 48-SD and 40-SW NCC cadets participated in the International Yoga Day held at our College on 21.06.2017.
  • Basic Leadership Camp was held at Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Thanjavur. from 13.07.2017 to 22.07.2017. 3-SD cadets T.Ragul(II-B.Sc,maths), S.Mayilsamy(II-B.A,Tamil), R.Jayakumar(II-B.A,Economics) attended this camp.
  •  Six SW cadets participated in the Combined Annual Training Camp held at Vellalar College of Engineering and Technology, Erode on 12.08.2017 to 21.08.2017.
  • The All India Firing Camp was held at Kolkata in the month of August 2017. P.Kathirasan (III-B.COM) attended this camp.
  • Kerala Trekking camp was held at Kulumavu from.29.09.2017 to 06.10.2017. In this camp about 7 NCC SD cadets and one NCC officer attended.
  •  RDC PRE IGC Camp was held at KPR Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Cadets T.Ragul (II-B.Sc,Maths), S.Mayilsamy (II-B.A,Tamil) participated in this camp.
  • Cadets T.Ragul (II-B.Sc,Maths), S.Mayilsamy (II-B.A,Tamil) participated in the IGC (RDC) -2017 at Coimbatore from 19.10.2017 to 28.10.2017.
  • Army Attachment camp was held at Secunderabad from .04.10.2017 to 18.10.2017. In the above camp Six SD cadets, R.Vijayakumar, S.Dhanasekar, S.Venkatesh, P.Gowtham, K.Saravanakumar, M.Babu participated.
  • One SD cadet S.Mayilsamy(II-B.A,Tamil), and Two SW cadets S.Kasthuri(III-B.Sc,Physics), S.Dhivya (III-B.Sc,Maths) participated in the National Integaration Camp –II held at James College of Engineering and Technology from.15.11.2017 to 26.11.2017.
  •  NCC SD and SW cadets participated in Blood Donation held in our College.
  • Moreover we conducted various social service activities such as HIV awareness, Voters day awareness, Clean India, Road safety awareness and Dental camp.
  • During the academic year 2017-2018, 25 SD Cadets and 12 SW Cadets appeared in the B Certificate Examination and 11 SD Cadets and 11 SW Cadets appeared in the C Certificate Examination.

NCC Annual Report Air Wing 2017 - 2018

  • NCC came into existence on the 16th July 1948, under the Ministry of Defense with the aims to develop character commandership, ideals of service and capacity for leadership in the youth of the country to stimulate interest in the defense of our country by providing service training to the youth and to build up reserve to enable the Armed Forces to expand rapidly during National Emergency.
  •  The NCC Air wing was started in the year 1950. In our “B” Flight 5(TN) AIR SQN (TECH) NCC, Kandaswami Kandar’s College, Velur (Namakkal District), totally 50 cadets have been enrolled in the academic year.
  •  The Combined Annual Training Camp was held at Mahendra Engineering College, Mallasamudram, Tiruchengode (TK) from 14.07.2017 to 23.07.2017. Thirty Cadets of our college participated in the camp.
  •  CUO S.Gowsik, III B.Com. had participated in the Air Attachment Camp held at Tambaram Air Force Station from 22.10.2017 to 04.11.2017.
  •  Our NCC Air wing Cadets visited the Sulur Air Force Station on 23.02.2017. The main purpose of the visit is to motivate the NCC Cadets to join the defense services.
  •  Coimbatore Group Level felicitation function was held at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore on 24.02.2017 to honour the cadets who had participated RDC/IGC/VSC/TSC Camps held at various places all over India. Our NCC Air wing Cadet CUO S.Gowsik, III B.Com., participated in the felicitation function. The Commanding Officers and all ranks of Coimbatore Group participated in the function.
  •  Our Cadets attended the Annual Range Firing held on 04.01.2018 at KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode and practiced with Smith and Wesson Revolver 7.62 mm Rifles and skeet shooting with double barrel gun.
  • The “B” Certificate Examination was held on 17th February 2018 at Vinayaka Mission Engineering College, Salem in which Seventeen Cadets appeared. The “C” Certificate Examination was held on 24th February 2018 at Vinayaka Mission Engineering College, Salem in which Fourteen Cadets appeared.
  •  Apart from these NCC activities, our college NCC Cadets regulated the crowd during the Thaipoosam Festival on 31.01.2018 and 01.02.2018 at Kabilarmalai with Police Department.
  • I extend my heartfelt thanks to our Director General NCC, Dy. Director General Commodore, Officiating Group Commander and Wg Cdr. K.Jayandan, Commanding Officer, 5(TN) Air Sqn (Tech.) NCC, Salem for their guidance and encouragement throughout the year.