Our Founder – Sri Sankara Kandaswami Kandar

Man with a mission

The biographies of great men constitute the history of a country. The life, ideals and service of a great man called Sri Sankara Kandaswami Kandar changed the history of not only Nanjai Edayar where he was born but of the whole region. He was born on May 23, 1880 in that beautiful village situated on the bank of the river Cauvery and he belonged to an agricultural family which owned hundreds of acres of fertile lands.He spent money on renovating and building temples and helping devotees to visit religious places and offering worship. Some inner voice kept urging him to do more for the progress of the people of his community and he knew it could only be through education.

He planned the uplift to the downtrodden not only in his village but in the entire Cauvery belt and Namakkal

His family had its roots in the long tradition of Cholas and his parents Sri Sankara Kandar and Smt Veerayi Ammal commanded the love and admiration of the local people. His father was the village Munsiff and had close interactions with them. Sri. Sankara Kandaswami Kandar succeeded his father as village Munsiff and he proved an efficient administrator though he had received only elementary education but it was enriched by his innate smartness, and his sense of social service and philanthraphy. His agricultural enterprises prospered and he grew rich. He wanted to use his wealth for good causes.

He called a meeting of his community elders, govt officials, socially conscious leaders and many others whom he regarded as well -wishers. The meeting, it was actually a state-wide conference- was organized and held at Nanjai Edayar in 1914, and the event had a tremendous impact in the region. Prominent leaders and personalities from far and wide attended it and Sri Sankara Kandaswami Kandar outlined his plans for the uplift of the people in the region with his own resources. At the end of the deliberation, he was awarded the title of Sambu Kulasekarar in honour of his far reaching plans for social reforms. Sri Sankara Kandaswami Kandar was not fortunate to have a normal family life. He had no children of his own, and same was the case with his younger brother Sri. Muthuveera Kandar, and his sister Smt. Muthayammal. He met another personal tragedy in the untimely death of his younger brother. But these setbacks did not deter him from his noble mission.