Class Rooms

ICT enabled Classroom with Blackboard, Fan, Light facility and Dual desk facility with good aeration and teaching aids such as LCD projectors are available.

Physics Lab

The Department of Physics with Computer Applications had its inception in 2012. The aim of the department is to develop the students’ comprehensive ability to use physics and computer applications. It is well-equipped with state of art laboratories that provide adequate hands-on training to the students in Sound, Mechanics, Heat, Electricity and Electronics. The laboratories provide an ideal exposure for the students to develop their experimental skills. It is also supported by kits for a variety of digital experiments. The students are trained in different fields of Physics which increases their confidence level and develops their interest in research. The department also extends its support by providing hands-on training in Physics to the students of the Department of Computer Science and Electronics..

Chemistry Lab

There is a lot of interesting chemistry to explore in the Chemistry labs. The laboratory is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied in the lecture portion of the course, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking. Along with concepts and chemistry covered in the lecture, the laboratory portion of the course will present some additional chemistry, both theoretical and practical The lab manual contains background information and procedures for the experiments you will perform as part of your Chemistry course. The pages immediately following contain helpful information about laboratory policies, your lab notebook, Safety Regulations, and the use of laboratory equipment. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced instruments such as a spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Chromatographic column, electric balance, and chemical balance, Water deionizer, Conductometer, colorimeter, magnet stirrer, and various others. For safety, there are all arrangements like a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.

Botany Lab

The Department of Botany has engaged in various activities apart from conducting theoretical and practical classes for Honours and General students. Theoretical classes are well equipped with overhead projectors; laboratories have been maintained properly with modern equipment, models, charts, etc. necessary for the teaching. We also have one Museum of preserved plant specimens along with a properly catalogued Herbarium. These are utilized for practical classes. We not only have a teaching curriculum enclosed within the classrooms but also engage ourselves in several local and outstation excursions both for honours and general students.

Micro Biology & Zoology Lab

The high-tech lab highlights the major concerns of modern zoology in relation to environmental and Medical Biology and introduces the young scientists to cell biological and other analytical techniques, fieldwork and computer-aided data handling procedures. Some important practicals covered during the session may be mentioned as Dissection of Animal, Permanent slide preparation, embryological physiological & cytological experiments, Study of bones, pests, insects & plant, nematodes & edible fishes & parasites, counting of blood cells, study of ecosystem, immunology, biotechnology, animal bahaviour, toxicology Laboratory has a good arrangement of equipments like Microscope, Hemoglobinometer, ph meter, Colorimeter, haemocytometer, Centrifuge, Incubator, Microtone etc

Computer Science Lab

The College has established a State-Of-The-Art Computer Laboratory with terminals with the latest Pentium based computers for the students and faculty members. The Laboratory has an independent high speed Radio Link with extensive bandwidth. It also has the latest software required for teaching purposes. The students and faculty are encouraged to use the Laboratory extensively to keep in touch with the latest developments in the field of Dentistry and Medicine. Students also utilize this facility for preparing seminars and the faculty uses it to enhance their lectures and tutorials.

English Language Lab